Simulo Automation is a company division of Simulo Srl that offers complete solutions for stud welding, ranging from manual and semi-automatic machines, to automatic and robotized systems, the latter designed and manufactured in-house.

Ten years of experience in the field of engineering, prototyping of special machines and improving production efficiency, allow our technicians to develop safe, reliable, easy to use, highly innovative and customer needs-based machines.

Our team of engineers, thanks also to the considerable experience and expertise gained in stud welding, is able to support the client in finding solutions that can reduce production costs and/or increase the quality of the final product.

What is stud welding?

Stud welding is an instantaneous single-side fixing technique that allows studs, tapped studs, pins and other metal fasteners to be welded on sheet metal or other flat metal objects, by means of an electric arc, ignited between the end of the stud and the surface of the workpiece, and the subsequent application of a pressing force.

There are weld studs in many everyday objects, although they are often not visible: such peculiarity, among other features,  makes this joining technique widely used and often the only technical solution, especially for thin sheet metal.

There are many types of welding elements and weldable materials; applications and advantages of stud welding are even more numerous.

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Stud welding processes

Various stud welding process technologies have been developed to meet the broadest range of production requirements.

Materials, thicknesses, treatments and surface coatings of the sheets, studs diameter and length, strength and aesthetic quality of the weld are some of the main deciding factors when choosing the most suitable technology.

Simulo Automation is able to analyze the specific needs of the customer and to identify tailor-made technical solutions.

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Stud welders and welding guns

Simulo Automation offers a wide array of solutions for stud welding, ranging from compact manual systems (battery-powered units, ideal for mobile working, are also available) to semi-automatic and fully automatic stud feeding equipment.

The stud welding units and guns that you will find in our catalogue cover all available welding process technologies and meet the most particular needs.

High performance and reliability, compact and functional design, ergonomics and user-friendly interface: these are the strengths of our stud welding systems.

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Stud welding automation

Simulo Automation designs and manufactures high performance automated and robotized systems for stud welding.

Process automation ensures high repeatability and positioning accuracy, significant increase in welding quality and minimization of waste.

All our robots and automated machines are Industry 4.0-Ready.

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Thanks to their many years experience in supporting customers, our engineers and technicians are able to provide several services including technical and commercial consulting, on-site and remote assistance, staff training, revamping and retrofitting of obsolete CNC stud welding machines.

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Discover Simulo Engineering

Simulo Engineering division provides industrial design, FEM calculation, CE marking, technical consulting, research and development services.

The company designs and manufactures special machines and custom-made production equipment for handling, lifting and assembly.

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